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Chiang Mai,


Find your HeaLTH & happiness in 'the land of smiles'

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The Intelligence that created you is well and truly alive within you and available for you to harness for greater health, wellbeing and happiness ... simply by finding space to allow your body's own natural healing capacity to work it's magic!


Do you:

✔️ Know and believe that your body has the capacity to heal naturally, BUT maybe you struggle to find the space needed to really allow this happen on a deeper level?

✔️ Want to press the reset button on your physical health, restoring your digestive system, hormone regulation, moods and energy levels back to balance, working harmoniously and resilient to the natural fluctuations of life.

✔️ Feel overwhelmed from time-to-time by the busyness of day-to-day life and crave more simplicity, minimalism, spaciousness and freedom?

✔️ Desire spaciousness to reconnect with the essence of Yourself, to get clear on your souls desires and enjoy space to create an inspiring vision for your future, without the distractions of the outside world?

✔️ Find yourself constantly nurturing others and would enjoy some TLC (tender, loving care) for yourself?

✔️ Struggle to find the time, energy or motivation to take deep care of your physical, emotional and soul-level health amidst the responsibilities of life?

✔️ Find you've slowly habituated to the experience of stress, even a bit of anxiety, on a regular basis and would like to remember and reconnect with feeling calm, peaceful and content?

✔️ Feel like it's time for some YOU time - time to explore deep healing, feel in-balance, re-energise, discovering AND letting go of outdated habits, patterns, beliefs and stories that are no longer serving you, so you can expand into more of who you truly are?

✔️ Feel like it is time for transformation?


COME ON A JOURNEY, JOIN The Qigong inner alchemy retreat to:

  • reconnect WITH you and your inner power

  • recharge your reserves

  • reset you body's inner intelligence and self-healing abilities

  • feel refreshed

  • Get Clear on what you want and who you are at your essence

  • learn intelligent ancient chinese TECHNIQUES that will empower you to access health and happiness, forever!


☯️ It is the sacred space you've been craving to really take a deep, loving dive into your own health and wellbeing.

☯️ It is the 2,000 year old, wise, nourishing and gentle Qigong movements, empowering energy healing techniques, Meditation and healthy-healing Farm to Plate foods loving prepared for you - the rejuvenating holiday experience you're longing for at a deep soul and spirit level.

☯️ It is the coming together of new life-long friends who will become part of your support network as you excitedly open into more of who you truly are ❤️ 



In taking time out from everyday life, going 'back to basics' in this beautifully healing location with a warm, tropical climate, you'll have the space, time and support to nurture yourself, reflect on where you are and connect with a beautiful vision of where you are going. 

You will be guided (and given plenty of space), to explore new ideas and eternally wise Qigong practices around health, happiness and YOUR version of success.

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Imagine ... escaping the Southern Hemisphere Winter, spending seven days in tropical northern Thailand with me guiding you through gentle, yet deeply balancing Qigong movements, restorative practices, fun soulful workshops and daily meditations - with plenty of spaciousness in-between - discovering techniques and tools that will empower you to self-heal, rebalance and connect on a deep level.

No daily grind, work or emails.

No kids, partners or family responsibilities to tend to.

No hustle and bustle, constant distractions, chaos, stimulus overload or to-do-lists.


Just spaciousness and intelligently curated practices, focusing on YOU, all of you - body, mind and soul - and what you need to step into greater joy and a lighter experience of life!


Imagine feeling refreshed, recharged ... feeling as though you are thriving, rather than breaking down and growing in the busyness of life.

Imagine having the spaciousness to explore new ideas and practices, experiencing yourself with more joy and having the time to let this sink-in, creating inner alchemy, a transformation within.

Imagine joining a group of like-minded people, making new friends and enjoying the potent transformative energy that is created from high-vibrational people coming together with a collective intention to relax, heal ands reconnect with love and joy.

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The Qigong inner alchemy retreat offers you a beautiful OPPORTUNITY to create that space.


Come on retreat with me to experience all this and more from a place of joy, rather than a place of overwhelm.


this is for you ...


The Qigong Inner Alchemy Retreat is for you if:


✔️ You crave serenity, peace, calm and some time-out (once we arrive at the Retreat Centre - transfers provided from Chiang Mai City Centre - you will unpack your bags and get comfortable for 7 days without needing to go anywhere, no need to go shopping or cook, no need to battle the craziness of packed schedules jostling to take a photo at the usual tourist destinations only to be herded on to the next one, no need to tend to anyone else's needs except your own. This is ALL about SPACIOUSNESS! Spaciousness to reconnect with your Self, spaciousness to let the body rebalance, spaciousness to learn, expand and grow without the pressures of the daily grind).

✔️ You are ready to explore a more empowering approach of love, acceptance and nurture - for your self and your body (maybe you've dabbled in diets, fitness regimes and other programs of 'self improvement' and despite possibly giving you quick 'results' you felt empty, exhausted or didn't actually feel any better about yourself - hint, the body thrives when we love and nurture it, not abuse it). 

✔️ You long for the opportunity and space to discover and express new and greater aspects of yourself, expanding into being more of YOU and letting go of what no longer serves you (maybe you're quite content in many areas of your life, maybe you feel comfortable and have achieved many of your goals and life visions - and from this place you feel excited by the opportunity to expand even further, becoming more of you - more confident, more energised, more loving, more creative! Daily workshops provide powerful experiences, helping you go deep, experience 'ah ha' moments and practice implementing new techniques to carry you toward a greater expression of yourself.) 

✔️ You are NOT interested in deprivation, extreme detoxing or bootcamp style workouts (this experience is ALL about love, nurture and nourishment. The food, although fresh and healthy, is ABUNDANT, balanced, Thai style and delicious! Your body will thrive as you fuel it with foods you can enjoy and leave you feeling deeply satisfied. The practices are intelligent - carrying 2,000 years of Ancient Chinese wisdom, they are fun, gentle and balancing. The daily program intentionally offers the perfect balance between planned activity to provide the catalyst for transformation and down time to go within, integrate new learnings or simply read, journal, bicycle or do whatever you please!)

✔️You are sick and tired of being sick and tired (maybe you are mostly happy and successful - BUT also tired and it feels like your body is at its limit and needs some space to rebalance. Your lifestyle and hard work has given you a lot, but maybe you are beginning to see how you have put a lot of pressure on yourself and its starting to show up with stress symptoms, digestive problems, mild-anxiety, skin problems, disturbed sleep, or maybe even something more concerning - and now its time to 'nip it in the bud', explore intelligent and potent ways to maintain balance while still achieving everything you want out of life - before the body starts to speak to you more loudly!) 

✔️You are excited by moving your body in a way that feels spacious, easeful and pleasant (despite the possible niggles, aches and pain, movement that doesn't deplete you of energy, but actually INCREASES your energy and enhances quality of life immediately and for you in the future!)

✔️ There are one or two unhelpful habits or thought patterns in your life that you've become aware of and you'd like some space to explore letting them go for good (we all have them, little - or big - things we know we shouldn't do, things that don't represent who we know we truly are - but we still do them anyway! What is that all about?! You'll have space and time unpack exactly what this is all about for you and let these aspect go for good!)

✔️ You are excited by the opportunity to share this experience with our high-vibrational small group (being part of a group of like-minded soul-seekers lights you up, you are excited by being supported buy the group and are excited about the opportunity supporting others. You deeply understand the power of working in groups, the potent energy of personal transformation as part of a group and you can't wait to get to know the others and begin building what is often incredibly fulfilling lifelong friendships from the experience. You are willing to participate with openness and love, support and be supported).

✔️ You know there is more to you and more to experience from life. You are ready to slow down and make the space to expand, nurture and transform, now! ...


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Leonie specialises in empowering modern day soul-seekers with powerfully simple yet effective Qigong Energy Healing techniques, steeped in 6,000 year old Taoist traditions and a 500 year lineage she received directly from her extensive and ongoing training with, Energy Specialist Master Yang.

Leonie will share with you Master Yang's unique Calligraphy Qigong system, based on cleansing, graceful 3-dimensional movement, conscious breathing and visualisation and mindfulness, to increase vitality, shift stagnation and create a harmonious internal environment for our whole Self to thrive.  

We come to deeply appreciate the wonder of our body, we connect with and learn from our body's biofeedback, we access intuition and gain confidence in making great decisions for ourselves from an inner wisdom (rather than an outer chaos).

The Chinese have valued Qigong (pronounced 'chee-gong') for its effectiveness in healing and preventing disease naturally. The benefits of Qigong quickly become obvious for those of us who practice it; mental clarity, easy access to our intuitive guidance - our own inner GPS, heightened sense of vitality, increased strength, balanced sexual energy, better sleep, a more efficient and active metabolism, and minds and bodies that experience joy more often than not.  

Sessions with Leonie incorporate external practices (fluid and dynamic sequences to promote circulation of blood, oxygen and Qi - our energy source), balanced with internal practices including subtle breathing, meditation and visualisation to calm the nervous system and exercise your innate creative abilities.


Find out the answers to the most commonly asked Qigong questions below.

Hey leonie! ... I just wanted to say hello and touch base and tell you how amazing the Qigong course was with you. It was wonderful preparation for me for my big trecking trip in Nepal and really got me in touch with me again! ...and I was even telling myself many phrases and things said by you in Qigong which was really positive energy to get me over the high pass (5416metres) as it was a difficult challenge and it always made me feel energised and happy on the treck thinking about Qigong and even doing some movements!
— Cindy, South Australia
I would like to provide some feedback regarding Leonie Beck and her teaching of Qigong. Her experience as a teacher shows by being a real, intuitive, gentle, articulate and fun professional. Her skill includes always knowing the most relevant thing to say during the class, her ability to be aware and to gently demonstrate extra pointers about relaxing certain parts of the body or showing an extra technique. Her enthusiasm is infectious but she also is very considerate and understanding when something is shifting and ready to be released. Leonie is respectful, accommodative and wise and is happy to speak about her own experience to assist in a change in perspective. I am very grateful to have found a teacher who continues to study to learn more and who truly who walks her talk.
— Melinda Buick, South Australia
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This unique retreat experience is created for you to step back from your life, find a spaciousness to rediscover balance, relax, renew your energy, nourish your body, mind and replenish your spirit.

The first time I really gave myself permission to slow-down, check-out and go on retreat, I regained my health and a deep sense of Self. Before then I was on the verge of burn-out straddling two lives - the part of me who was on a healing journey finding connection through meditation, Yoga, Qigong and studying alternative healing - AND the fearful part of me still grasping to the 'security' of a very ill-suited professional career that was making me rich in money but poor in almost everything else.

The space I found on retreat very quickly dissolved the stress symptoms I was experiencing, I slept better, felt more energised and my hormones balanced out. It gifted me with a clear head, which allowed me to see my life situation without feeling overwhelm and from there I made some excellent, life-changing decisions for myself.

The second time on retreat I experienced another potent dose of healing, connection and expansion into a greater version of myself - so much so that now, in addition to the exciting experience of travel for travels sake, every year I also go away on retreat, staying in the one place for a week minimum with the intention of logging-off, to check-in.

My deepest intention is to you offer the same opportunity to heal, connect and expand.



You will begin your mornings being guided through intelligent, gentle and dynamic Qigong movements to wake up the body, rebalance and create inner and outer calm.

You will enjoy a leisurely and delicious breakfast, loving prepared for you and will have the opportunity to journal or contemplate your day ahead without any rushing or urgency.

Mid-morning you will explore your new ideas and be inspired by fun and powerful workshops intelligently designed guide you towards self-empowerment and to ignite energy towards your version of a beautiful, healthy and successful life.

Each workshop ends with a powerful experiential practice, it could be a deeply nourishing Yoga Nidra (guided Yoga Sleep), soothing Restorative or Yin Yoga, or a Qigong guided visualisation to balance the organs - leaving you feeling renewed, inspired and nurtured.

Over an abundant, freshly prepared lunch you will enjoy contemplating your experience and sharing any 'ah ha!' moments with your new friends.

After lunch - this is your deeply spacious 'me-time'. You will have the whole afternoon to luxuriate, take it slow, get to that book (reading, or even writing your own!), enjoy your creativity photographing the gorgeous tropical surrounds, borrow a bicycle or go exploring on foot, maybe delve into a new business venture, creative project or opportunity - or simply do nothing at all, letting the natural surrounds lull you into some deep down-time.

In the evening, we will gather for another abundant farm-to-table Thai style meal, enjoying the company of high-vibrational people, positive, inspiring conversations and relaxed surrounds.

Your day will end with a soulful guided meditation, a potent ritual to close the day and send you off into a deeply satisfying and renewing sleep. 


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Our Qigong Inner Alchemy Retreat takes place at IWP, the International Women's Centre for Peace and Justice, a hand-built by women, village-style retreat centre about an hour from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

IWP is a beautiful healing space, literally made with love. IWP is a sanctuary from anything heavy and negative. I have experience incredible healing here and I hope you will too. 


Here is what others have said about the retreat centre:

The retreat centre is a magical tranquil place, set in a rural village, overlooking the paddy fields with the distant mountains as a backdrop. The accommodation is very basic, but perfect for the whole experience, and you have all that you need. The food is DELICIOUS, and lovely to share meals with like minded new friends, and borrow the bikes to all go on bike tours of the local area. I loved it so much that I have been twice.
— Emma Ryan, Singapore
Beautifully simple, traditional Thai retreat centre. I’ll never forget cycling through the paddy fields, the delicious food and the giant frangipani tree at morning practice.
— Alex Vitty, London
  • A Gorgeous Tropical 7 Day 6 Night Retreat in Northern Thailand

  • 6 morning Qigong sessions 

  • 6 evening Meditation and Relaxation sessions

  • 5 Inspiring and intelligently curated workshops 

  • 5 embodied Qigong Energy Healing or Restorative Yoga practices

  • Plenty of spacious free time after lunch, right up to the evening meal to reflect, let go and nurture your Self

  • All meals, from Saturday dinner through to Friday breakfast - delicious, healthy, fresh farm-to-plate (mostly vegan/vegetarian with some fish and egg).

  • All accommodation (in twin or triple share, basic ashram-style accommodation), lovingly hand-built by Women 💗

  • Access to bicycles, library, Yoga space and meditation hall during your free time and breaks

  • Land transport from Chiang Mai city centre

  • Serene, peaceful environment, simple quiet village life, surrounded by rice paddies

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Not included:

Airfares (or other transport to and from your home to Chiang Mai city centre)

Travel insurance (a requirement)

Passport or Visa (please check Visa requirements for your nationality) 

Personal expenses (you will be cared for while on retreat, however you may like to bring spending money for a Thai massage in your free time or for a 'treat' from the small road-side stall.


Please note the Qigong Inner Alchemy Retreat is a ALL about returning to slow and simple living in a natural environment. This is not about opulent experiences of glitz and glam (although you may choose to add a few days on the beginning or end of your trip to experience the vibrant Chiang Mai city in your own time).

Our retreat centre, IWP, is located in a sleepy Thai village. The accommodation is simple, clean, 'ashram-style' with shared rooms and bathrooms and was hand-build with love by women.

Our workshop space is amongst rice fields and you will enjoy falling asleep to the sounds of nature and waking up naturally with the sun.


Early Bird Special 


Available up to 5th March, unless sold out



(save $400 AUD of full price)



(Total $1350 AUD)




Available FROM 6th March, unless sold out





(up to 2nd April, Total $1800AUD)




I invite you to join me for this beautiful seven days and six nights retreat experience, to nurture your whole mind, body and spirit, to enjoy spaciousness, share incredible fresh food lovingly prepared for you, move your body in a gentle graceful way, enjoy relaxation and meditation daily, be inspired as you reconnect with YOU and share the experience with other incredible soul-seekers. 

And enjoy my support and guidance to find balance and home in your body and an inspired vision for your future.

If you are unsure if this retreat is right for you, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk. 

My intention is to gather the perfect group of soul-seekers who are open to having fun while exploring empowering ideas and natural Energy Healing techniques. People who enjoy being in a group and can offer support, while also enjoying spacious personal downtime, just for you.  You don't need to have previous experience in Qigong, Yoga, Meditation or Energy Healing, just an openness to explore!

Email me at