Hi, I'm Leonie Beck. I specialise in the ancient healing techniques of Qigong and Energy Cultivation.

While working with my clients to create balance, increase energy levels, gain confidence and motivation (all while enjoying vibrant health and loving relationships) - I began to notice patterns of self sabotage, similar to my own experience of sabotaging loving relationships, negating financial gains, limiting my physical health with energy depleting habits and procrastination.

I wondered ... 'Why do we do this to ourselves?' and searching for an answer to this conundrum, I came across the research of Dr Martinez, a clinical Neuropsychologist and author of The Mind Body Code and discovered how the body can physically repel abundance.

Combining Dr Martinez's modern Biocognitive Science and the ancient Chinese Energy Arts of Qigong the following visualisation exercise uses the energetic power of the mind, the intelligence of your own body's biofeedback and relaxation techniques to let go of self sabotage and increase self worth at a cellular level.

The following visualisation takes around 20 minutes. Find yourself a quiet space where you can relax and where you will not be disturbed. You can repeat the visualisation as many times as you like, each time broadening your own boundaries of abundance. Enjoy!


I'd love to hear about your experience with the visualisation and what changes you notice in your life afterwards. Let me know what came up for you here.

Please also feel welcome to share this with anyone who you think could benefit from exploring any tendencies for self -sabotage, I wish I'd discovered these techniques a decade ago!!