Did you start out your journey as an entrepreneur, or in your career, full of energy and motivation, and as you started kicking some major professional goals (woo hoo!), you have also become radically time poor and your energy levels and health is starting to suffer (eeek!)?

I know what it is like to be so determined and driven in achieving business success - spending countless evenings and weekends with clients or at the computer - only to realise you have been neglecting your business' most important asset, YOURSELF!

  • Have had a health scare which impacted your business and set you back, maybe even caused you to lose money and clients.

  • Are not feeling great or looking your best at the moment and are worried about the image you are portraying to your clients (bags under the eyes and entrepreneurial weight gain anyone?)

  • Are terrified about a more serious health problem, and what that could mean for your business, BUT you are equally terrified about taking a step back and losing the momentum you have worked so hard for.

  • Are nailing, even exceeding, your monthly financial targets but have lost energy and motivation, and feel as though something is missing.

  • Have needy clients that suck your energy and leave you feeling depleted.

  • Have an annoying niggle in your lower back, neck, shoulder or hips that just doesn't want to shift, no matter how many massages you get.

  • Are throwing time and money at appointments with the physiotherapist, doctor, chiropractor etc, outsourcing your health care to others and feeling out of control when it comes to your health, but have no time to hit the gym or go to a Yoga class.

  • Are ready to make a change but have no idea what to do and how you will make time to look after yourself, while keeping your business thriving.


I get it ...

I've had professional success and money,

I've put in the hours, sacrificing personal time for work,

I've had my dream home seconds from the beach,

AND I was sick, miserable, lonely and had lost the energy and drive to keep going. 


so what changed?


I decided to take care of myself! ... Yes, that simple!


Things got better!

I had more energy.

I began to enjoy my time with clients and at the computer.

I no longer needed to spend time and money at doctor's appointments.

I regained my enthusiasm for work, and life in general.

I became increasingly creative.

EVERY important relationship in my life improved,

AND ...

my professional life didn't suffer, ... it improved beyond what I thought was possible!!



I had ALWAYS been obsessed with yoga and had taken 1,000's of hours of trainings with many amazing teachers in countless modalities (including Antigravity Aerial Yoga!! Do you like my up-side-down office set up?!).

But it was when I discovered Qigong and began my training in the Calligraphy Health Qigong system with my teacher, Energy Specialist Master Yang, that my health drastically improved and I experienced a whole new level of energy, vitality and prosperity beyond anything I had ever experienced before!


... To take control of your health, vibe up and regain enthusiasm for your business and life AND access your own Unlimited Potential?


Don't wait until things get worse - when little niggles become BIG problems and when you have no energy left to turn things around.

Let me show you how simple, yet incredibly effective Qigong breathing, movement and meditation techniques can radically improve your business and life and learn the skills to maintain good health and high energy well into the future.

Start here

  • 3 x 1:1 sessions over Skype at a time that suits you and your business. Let me tailor a program that fits in with your individual needs and heath/ energy concerns. This could be anything from 10 minutes per day up to 60 minutes depending on your needs (and enthusiasm!)

  • Session 1 runs for 60-90 minutes, beginning with an in-depth discovery consultation followed by a 45-60 minute practice including Qigong breathing, movement and meditation techniques suited to your unique needs, leaving you feel energised and empowered.

  • This is followed by two more 1:1 sessions of 45-60 minutes where we refine your own program so it really works for you.

  • What next? You now have a program, AND the knowledge and skills, to VIBE UP FOR LIFE, no more appointments, no more depending on others! Watch as your Unlimited Potential unfolds.

Tune -up your program

  • 3 x 1:1 sessions over Skype at a time that suits you and your business. Sessions run for 45-60 minutes and build on what you already know.

  • Maybe you have been using your Intro QiUP program for a while, you feel great, you are experiencing AMAZING results in your energy levels, your health and your zest for life, and now you are ready to take it to the next level.

  • Or, maybe your situation has changed and you want to tweak your individual program to suit your new circumstances - a shorter program to fit in with growing interest in your business because things have gone gangbusters (great!), or you are itching to go deeper and now want a longer program because you are enjoying Qigong so much and love how it makes you feel.

  • Get ready to access deeper levels of your Unlimited Potential!

Need some extra support?

  • 10 x 1:1 sessions over Skype at a time that suits you and your business. Sessions run for 20-60 minutes and build on what you already know.

  • You are loving your Qigong program but you need some extra support at making it part of your daily routine.

  • I get it, it isn't easy for everyone to change habits, learn something new and then lock it in to a daily routine.

  • QiTuneUP x 10 is for people who are serious about their health and up levelling their energy levels, but need a bit more time and support to cement their program for the long term.

  • At the end of QiTuneUP x 10, expect to have a program that you ABSOLUTELY LOVE and can't wait to practice everyday. This program sets you up for a high vibe, successful life unlocking deeper levels of health, vitality and your Unlimited Potential.

Private Qigong QiUP Program

Did you know you can service your organs keeping your heart, liver, kidneys, lungs etc. healthy and vital with Qigong?! What?!

Take a look at this video where I'm interviewing my teacher, Energy Specialist, Master Yang on the topic of organ servicing, what it even means to service our organs and why YOU want to be doing this!

  • Would you like to learn techniques - tailored FOR YOU - to vibe up, feel good, gain confidence in business and life and unlock your own inbuilt Unlimited Potential?

  • Would you like to learn the ancient secrets of the orient and how they stay healthy, vibrant and feeling great well into senior years?

  • Are you ready to take control of your own health and well being?


Private Qigong QiUP Program

If you'd like to speak with me privately about working together and the QiUP Program, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

Email me at leonie@leoniebeck.com