Give the gift of qigong to yourself or someone special this new year


Do you have someone special in your life (maybe it's you?) who would like to experience more balance, spaciousness, lightness, health and happiness in 2019?

The holiday season isn't always as relaxing as it could be - more things on our 'to-do' lists, lifestyle changes with more socialising, late nights and extra foods and drinks that we wouldn't normally have, maybe painful memories of loved ones who are no longer with us to celebrate. All of this can make is feel Heavy and Sluggish rather than Light and Merry, and we often ring in the New Year in a less than ideal state!

How wonderful would it be to be able to give a gift that will help restore yourself or a loved one back to a more balanced and tranquil state? A gift that opens up possibilities to more health, happiness and vibrancy in 2019? A gift that creates a new spaciousness and connection to follow your heart this New Year?


Qigong offers a unique path of personal development and a healthy and joyful life, positively impacting on ALL aspects of our experience of life - your health, your moods and emotions, your relationships, your outlook, your finances, your career, your creativity ... after all EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!




The package includes:

  • 1-1 Private Qigong mentoring with Leonie 

  • 1 x initial 90 minute session, including induction and goal-setting 

  • 2 x 60 minute sessions, tailored towards individual goals and requirements

All for AUD$350 (usually AUD$500, save AUD$150), at a location of choice in Adelaide, Australia or over Skype for interstate and overseas.

Longer sessions and couple sessions possible on request. Prices may increase depending on travel time and studio hire. Contact me here to discuss your requirements.


"Hey leonie! ... I just wanted to say hello and touch base and tell you how amazing the Qigong course was with you. It was wonderful preparation for me for my big trecking trip in Nepal and really got me in touch with me again! ...and I was even telling myself many phrases and things said by you in Qigong which was really positive energy to get me over the high pass (5416metres) as it was a difficult challenge and it always made me feel energised and happy on the treck thinking about Qigong and even doing some movements!" - Cindy, South Australia


Each session is completely tailored to individual needs and requirements.  Whether it is to:

  • Explore natural and gentle techniques to heal the physical body, finding harmony and space for your body's innate and inbuilt healing processes to function at peak, repairing any hormonal imbalances, digestive disfunction and resetting the natural detoxification functions of the liver and kidneys to access greater health, energy and vibrancy. 

  • Discover a new level of freedom in your body through gentle movement to find pleasure in exercise again. (After over a decade of constant pain from 3 herniated discs, Qigong has given me back the pleasure of movement, I surf, run, practice Yoga and try everything without the fear of aggravating my back, not to mention simply being able to walk, sit and sleep pain free!)

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, depression and heal adrenal fatigue, rebalancing the body's subtle life-force energy to become more resilient to modern day life’s stressors and experience more joy in daily life. 

  • Dial-in daily habits that improve your body's natural healing abilities, grow better with age and be empowered with techniques that keep you healthy, energised and joyful well into old age. (At 36 years old I feel more healthy and have more energy than I ever did in my 20's).

  • Experience and become masterful in techniques that can heal back pain, joint pain, improve arthritis and autoimmune diseases and help you sleep better.

  • Receive potent Energy Mastery techniques and personalised support to overcome a specific challenge, obstacle or assess more energy to achieve an elusive goal that up until now has seemed insurmountable.

  • Dissolve ‘stinking thinking’ and pervasive negative thoughts with simple and powerful techniques that will shift your mindset to one that serves your highest vision for you and your life, without the need for hours and hours of ‘talk-therapy’.

  • Discover and become crystal clear on YOUR Norther Star, realign to YOUR heart's desires and begin the process of building an achievable step by step strategy to achieve your wildest dreams.

  • Become experienced in unique personal development practices that create real shifts in your energy that ripple through to every aspect of your life - your moods and emotions, your relationships, your health, your outlook, your finances, your career, your creativity ... after all EVERYTHING IS ENERGY!

  • Receive support during a period of rapid personal growth and experience techniques that support you through the turbulence that often comes during times of deep shifts and change.

  • Develop a personalised morning routine that fits in with your needs and schedule involving daily rituals to reconnect you with your intuition, allowing you to make great decisions for yourself in alignment with YOUR heart (rather than based on out dated mind-chatter and stories).

  • Receive personal support in creating a sacred space at home for you to practice - one that lights you up and provides you with your own sanctuary  (not matter how much space you have available). 

  • Clear Negative Energies from your home, office or practice space with a potent Energy Clearing Ritual involving smudging, intention setting, my energy healing meditation and mantra AND learn how to do this for yourself, ANYTIME. 

  • Clear negative energies from your body and become empowered to do this on your own, learning techniques to do this ANYTIME you need an instant positive energy boost.

  • Relax and spend a little time being more mindful after the craziness of the holiday season.


Whatever the reasons, WE discuss individual requirements during the first session and tailor practices and rituals to suit your UNIQUE NEEDS. 


"I would like to provide some feedback regarding Leonie Beck and her teaching of Qigong. Her experience as a teacher shows by being a real, intuitive, gentle, articulate and fun professional. Her skill includes always knowing the most relevant thing to say during the class, her ability to be aware and to gently demonstrate extra pointers about relaxing certain parts of the body or showing an extra technique. Her enthusiasm is infectious but she also is very considerate and understanding when something is shifting and ready to be released. Leonie is respectful, accommodative and wise and is happy to speak about her own experience to assist in a change in perspective. I am very grateful to have found a teacher who continues to study to learn more and who truly who walks her talk." - Melinda Buick, South Australia


Click below to purchase your NEW YEAR'S PRIVATE TUITION PACKAGE: 



Once you book package, I will send you an email asking if the sessions are for you or a gift for a loved one. You will also receive a link to a brief questionnaire to help us both prepare for your first session and a link to my online booking calendar where you can select a time for your first session and manage your booking.

Please feel welcome to contact me here if you have any questions.



There are many benefits to having private Qigong sessions with me, it allows a more personalised and tailored experience, delving into your own unique needs and desires. We focus and work on building balance, harmony, health (and even strength and flexibility) in your body and mind so you can find your own version of success, balance, spaciousness, lightness, health and happiness in 2019! 

Additionally, you receive the convenience of being able to choose the location and time of the sessions to suit your schedule.

Maybe you are new to Qigong, turning in to your intuition and personal development practices, so as well as growing your ability to listen to (and trust) your body and inner guides, you may enjoy learning the fundamentals of Qigong first, before joining one of my group programs, allowing you to take things at your own pace. 

Maybe you want to experience an alternative to masculine encoded personal development practices or explore meditation, energy healing and intuitive guidance (or expand and deepen your current practices) or spend some time working with an illness, injury, energy block or specific goal or concern. 


Whatever the reason, we will spend time discussing your requirements prior to your first session, so that the lessons are specifically tailored to you.


I look forward to sharing these beautiful and potent practices with you and assisting you to heal, grow and expand into a heart-driven 2019!