Does this sound like you?


  • You are ready to claim the life and business that truly aligns with YOU, that lights you up, sharing your gorgeous unique gifts with the world - nourishing your body, mind and soul and being of service?

  • You want to bound out of bed each morning because EVERY aspect of your life is dialled up and in harmony - your physical health and energy levels, mindset and mental clarity, confidence, wealth consciousness and abundance in business, relationships and joyful living?? (Yes! They are ALL connected!)

  • You want to access SPACIOUS success, where having a super abundant business doesn't mean sacrificing your health, wellbeing, happiness and relationships?


Did you start out your journey as an entrepreneur full of energy and motivation, and as you started kicking some major professional goals (woo hoo!), you have also become radically time poor and your energy levels and health is starting to suffer (eeek!)?


Maybe you are achieving amazing things in your business (of course you are - you know your stuff, you work hard and rock at the hustle), BUT you also feel overwhelmed, off kilter, exhausted and depleted. Your physical and mental health isn't the best and don't even ask about nurturing yourself on a spiritual level ... who has got time for that?!


Has your head been running the show for too long? Maybe your outstanding intelligence is also your greatest weakness (analysis paralysis anyone?). Do you feel disconnected from you inner essence, your unique spark, and the joy, ease and pleasure that comes from listening to, trusting and following your intuitive wisdom?


You might even be approaching physical burnout, adrenal fatigue ... or worse! 


Do you KNOW you have more to give (AND receive) but can't quite articulate what IT is?

Do you KNOW you can't get there if your health is out of whack?

Are you ready to get honest?

Are you READY to tap in to your deepest, most authentic, creative and INSPIRED inner wisdom? Are you ready to get REAL in your business, stop acting small and start living a high vibrational life in ALL aspects with ease grace AND confidence?




I’m Leonie Beck, an Energy Mentor, blending my signature and modern take on the ancient teaching of Qigong and mindfulness to inspire self mastery, shift physical and emotional energy blocks and launch you towards attracting your wildest desires.


I work with busy professionals just like you - worldly, intelligent, driven and with a deep desire to be of service, valued and in demand for your unique gifts AND living the life of your dreams.


My specialty is guiding my clients through the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation that many are missing - leaving a feeling of being stuck, dissatisfied and without direction - even though doing everything ‘right’.


I apply my natural intuitive abilities and incredibly intelligent and potent Qigong techniques.

With your courage AND my complete support, expect divine downloads, deep body, mind, spirit shifts and radical health and energy!




Our head is like the surface water, it gets easily polluted by our external environment - polluted with limiting beliefs and stories about our potential and what is possible, polluted by ‘comparisonitis’ and being overly concerned with what others are doing, polluted by fear, self doubt, guilt, shame, lack of confidence and low self worth.


Our intuitive centre is like the deep bodies of water at the centre of the earth - pure, clean and not easily polluted - this is our deepest truth, our deepest desires and our deepest WISDOM.


Are you ready to step into YOUR power?


Are you ready to get inspired, connected, energised and uplifted?


Are you ready to dig deep?



"Hey leonie! ... I just wanted to say hello and touch base and tell you how amazing the Qigong course was with you. It was wonderful preparation for me for my big trecking trip in Nepal and really got me in touch with me again! ...and I was even telling myself many phrases and things said by you in Qigong which was really positive energy to get me over the high pass (5416metres) as it was a difficult challenge and it always made me feel energised and happy on the treck thinking about Qigong and even doing some movements!" - Cindy, South Australia



You'll feel fully supported, inspired, empowered and transformed!




  • Intensive: 90 minute initial Skype intensive where we dive deep, uncover physical and emotional blocks and equip you with tools for IMMEDIATE results, setting you up for continuing success!

  • Mentorship: Nine powerful 1:1 45 min Skype sessions. Week by week we uncover the patterns that keep you stuck, build on skills we set up together, maintain focus and momentum and keep you on track towards your deepest desires. 

  • Welcome Packet: Get things moving immediately, this alone creates profound shifts for my clients.

  • Additional Resources: Bonus Materials (access to audios and videos, worksheets, PDFs, etc.).

  • VIP Support: Unlimited email access during your coaching program, for questions and support between Skype sessions.



THIS iS YOUR TIME TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, TO Let go of what is holding you back from the health and life of your dreams and to receive potent techniques and expert guidance to TRANSFORM yourself and your life ... let me support you to make it happen, i believe in you!




"I would like to provide some feedback regarding Leonie Beck and her teaching of Qigong. Her experience as a teacher shows by being a real, intuitive, gentle, articulate and fun professional. Her skill includes always knowing the most relevant thing to say during the class, her ability to be aware and to gently demonstrate extra pointers about relaxing certain parts of the body or showing an extra technique. Her enthusiasm is infectious but she also is very considerate and understanding when something is shifting and ready to be released. Leonie is respectful, accommodative and wise and is happy to speak about her own experience to assist in a change in perspective. I am very grateful to have found a teacher who continues to study to learn more and who truly who walks her talk." - Melinda Buick, South Australia


This one on one mentorship is a truly unique transformative journey



Together we will:


  • Reconnect you with your body - finding comfort, spaciousness, pleasure and ease.

  • Create fun and inspiring daily rituals that fit with your lifestyle to up level your health and vitality.

  • Dial in to your intuitive wisdom and supercharge energy towards your deepest desires.

  • Clear energetic and emotional blocks that have been limiting you fromtaking your life and business to the next level.

  • Lock in the confidence to take your life to the next level


You will gain:


  • Clarity, direction, inspiration

  • Momentum in your self-care rituals, life and business,

  • Confidence and an abundance mindset,

  • while ALSO nurturing your mind, body and spirit.


You will You will naturally raise your vibration, feel and look AMAZING, exude confidence, comfortably become more visible, attract your dream clients and easily invite more money and abundance into your life.


Sounds good, right?



All these amazing breakthroughs are gained by overcoming STAGNATION. 

Stagnation in body, mind and spirit.



Physical stagnation - tension and discomfort, hormonal imbalances, poor digestion, illness and disease;

Mental stagnation - money blocks, limiting stories and beliefs, self-doubt, fear of judgement/failure/success, procrastination; and,

Spiritual stagnation - disconnection from your intuitive wisdom, your heart centre, joy, pleasure, ease and access to that gift that ONLY YOU have which the world so desperately needs!

(Yes, they’re all linked - I know you'd love to neatly compartmentalise each category as independent, but us humans don't tend to work like that ;) !).






I see so many women with AMAZING gifts to share with the world that are just not getting their message out there ... I know because I was one of them AND holding myself back almost destroyed me!



Why Me?

Because I've been there.

I know what it is like to be so determined and driven in achieving business success - spending countless evenings and weekends with clients or at the computer - only to realise you have been neglecting joy, pleasure AND your business' most important asset, YOURSELF!


After an attempted Law Degree and a few early attempts at entrepreneurship (which were completely discouraged), I 'made my parents proud' by returning to University completing TWO degrees, TWO diplomas (type A, high achiever much?!), two years studying in Japan, a year working in China and a placement in the Phillipines volunteering with an NGO (and I'm still completely wanderlust - hence  my gorgeously travel friendly online biz!). This all lead to a job offer in my last year of study, before I had even graduated - it ticked all the practical boxes (great money, great career progression,  frequent travel, ongoing training and mentorship) but I forgot to consult my intuitive wisdom, my heart and my deepest desires.

Six years later I had catapulted myself up the corporate ladder (yep, still a disconnected type A, high achiever at this stage!).


I had professional success and money,

A killer wardrobe,

All the things we are told we want,

Cash to spend on holidays, shoes, anything,

I had my dream home seconds from the beach,

And my dream car,


AND I was sick, uncomfortable, miserable, lonely and had lost the energy and drive to keep going, all by the tender age of 28!


I had invested so much energy in creating a life that, for the most part, I came to realise I hated!


Cue identity crisis!




I decided to take care of myself!   ...   Yes, that simple!


It wasn't a miracle and it didn’t happen over night, I had healing to do.


I started to connect with my body through movement, I explored yoga and meditation, I started to recognise the intelligence of my body and tune in to the messages constantly being offered.


THEN I discovered the healing art of Qigong and experienced the most  potent physical, emotional and spiritual shifts, finally giving me the clarity and confidence to leave the corporate world for good!


Now I am living the life of my dreams, in alignment, travelling the world, working with AMAZING women, experience the pleasure of moving my body everyday and surrounded by love, joy and abundance.


Don't get me wrong, I am ABSOLUTELY grateful for my corporate career and all the experiences up to this point in my life, it has given me the gift of being radically aware of how damaging it is to live in misalignment to our deeper truths to neglect our whole being and treat ourselves as one dimensional machines.


And now have the joy of helping amazing women regain connection, live in alignment on all levels, physically heal and create gorgeously nourishing, full and abundant lives.




Why is my approach different?


  1. Because it works! I see so many women neglect this bodies in pursuit of their careers and business success, without realising their BODY CAN BE THEIR GREATEST ALLIE AND BUSINESS ASSET!

  2. Because it's different, I’ve found talking alone doesn’t shift STAGNATION - especially deep, stubborn outdated blocks and beliefs that keep us stuck.

  3. I use a powerful combination of Qigong movement and vibration to create deep and lasting change, at a subconscious level.

  4.  I don't know anyone else that does this to get the results I do.

  5. Qigong works with your bodies natural meridian lines to unblock your energy, it's incredibly effective for physical and emotional pain, fear, traumas, and limiting beliefs and money blocks.



It’s time to rewrite the outdated stories about your life, business and health.




  • I understand where you’re coming from - I have been in the wrong job, miserable, uninspired and completely disconnected from my body and inner wisdom.

  • I am a natural empath, intuitive and healer. I am absolutely committed to supporting my clients, holding a safe space for them to be themselves, feel comfortable to try new things and dive deep. 

  • I believe in you 100%  Every woman I work with has an unlimited potential waiting to be tapped into - I see this in you and I guide you towards greater possibilities that feel good and align with your individual desires. 

  • I do things differently - my approach isn’t about analysis, goals, planning or reliving past scenarios, we get you into your body, moving in a way that feels good, creating immediate and physical shifts.








Q. Who do you work with?

A. I work with online entrepreneurs, like coaches, healers, consultants, public figures, thought leaders, creatives, etc, who are inspired to find their authentic voice, position themselves as premium experts, and make a great living sharing their unique gifts with the world. I work with motivated and driven women who are ready to dive deep and do what it takes to achieve results.


Q. Will your techniques work for me?

A. It works on everyone, but your results will largely depend on your commitment to living the life of your dreams.


Q. Is this just another business coaching program?

A. This is SO much more - I work with you to remove blockages in ALL aspects of your life - health, relationships, finances, mindset, spirituality. I am not a business coach, I am interested in helping YOU, and as you are your businesses most important asset, when you work on yourself, your business naturally thrives. Many of my clients have worked with business coaches in the past or already know all there is to know about the LOGISTICS of running an Online Business, its the deeper, more sticky stuff we work on together. This is TOTAL life transformation.


Want to know more? ... Lets Chat!


I'm looking forward to supporting you to reveal more of who you truly are and live a life of joy, pleasure, purpose and abundance in ALL aspects.