You are aware of how unhealthy the typical office environment is.

You've read the articles about sitting being the new smoking.

You see, week after week, colleagues get sick, sometimes with serious health issues - heart attacks, cancers, depression, anxiety, fatigue and burnouts - it almost seems as though people are dropping like flies.

Maybe you manage an awesome team, you expect a lot of them and you need them to be healthy and high vibe, productive client magnets.


Qigong could be the solution you have been looking for ...


Intrigued? ... But what is Qigong and why is it so good?

Watch the video below to hear my teacher, Energy Specialist Master Yang, explain why you want me to help you Vibe Up your team with Qigong ...


Corporate programs range from in person immersions and workshops, Skype sessions, audio exercises and video tutorials. I travel worldwide helping talented teams to Vibe Up, gain confidence, stay healthy and productive through my modern take on the ancient teachings of Qigong.

Contact me at to discuss your workplace needs and let me tailor a program that is right for your team.

I'm currently based in Adelaide, South Australia (gorgeous coastlines and no traffic - lucky me!). As well as travelling the globe to run retreats and vibe up progressive work places with Calligraphy Health Qigong office overhauls, workshops and intensives, I'm also available for ongoing Corporate Qigong - Team Vibe Up programs for Adelaide workplaces. Sessions are fun, accessible for all levels and run for 45 minutes. Team Vibe Up sessions are available before work, during office hours and after hours.


Contact me at to check my availability and to discuss the program that is right for your team.