In Traditional Chinese Medicine Autumn is the season associated with the lungs. The energ of the lungs is that of "letting go", so Autumn is the perfect time to let go of anything that isn't serving us anymore to create space for new experiences and growth. Discover the healing movements of Qigong for ease, flow and high vibrational living.

Qigong in itself is the practice of letting go, shifting blocks, shifting stagnation, smoothing out deep (outdated) impressions and peeling back layers to reveal greater health, vitality, joy, love and contentment.

  • Finding a way to move and exercise your body that feels spacious, easeful and delicious (despite niggles, aches and pain) ... and doesn't deplete you of energy, but actually INCREASES your energy! ...

  • Learning techniques to repair and heal injuries AND regulate internal organ dysfunction and hormonal imbalances - with no pills! ...

  • Slowing down, and even reversing the ageing process ...

  • Improving your sleep ...

  • Reducing stress, overwhelm and anxiety, feeling connected, positive and high vibes as you cultivate your own inner 'sea of happiness' ...

  • Experiencing your body in an incredibly positive way, tuning in to your inner wisdom, your intuitive centre and a deep source of confidence, creativity and inspiration ...

  • Empowering yourself so you don't have to rely entirely on doctors, physiotherapists and pharmacists for your healthcare ... and

  • Gaining an over 5,000 year old secret wisdom of the ancient Chinese eliete for longevity and empowered self healing through movement and energy cultivation ...


... Come and try qigong

Discover for yourself the healing power of Qigong at this 2 hour immersion with a focus on Autumn and how this gentle yet potent practice can support your body, mind and spirit as we move into the cooler months.






☯️ Date - Monday 17th April, 2017 (Easter Monday Public Holiday)

☯️ Time - 3pm to 5pm (please arrive 10 or 15 minutes before the start of the session)

☯️ Venue - Yoga Spirit Studios, 194 Henley Beach Rd, Torrensville SA 5031


INVESTMENT - Introductory offer $45



Qigong literally translates as energy cultivation. Leonie, your teacher, specialises in the Calligraphy Health system developed by her teacher Master Yang. Based on a 3-dimensional model, incorporating three main circulations within the human body; blood circulation, mental/nervous circulation and digestive circulation, movements become alive with Qi energy. This energy can be held and controlled within us, by us, for our own well-being, vitality and motivation, or can be transmitted to others for the purpose of healing.



Leonie's Qigong sessions incorporate external practices (fluid and dynamic sequences to promote circulation of blood, oxygen and Qi - our energy source) - balanced with - internal practices (subtle breathing, meditation and visualisation calming the nervous system) ending with a soothing relaxation.
Each session is tailored specifically to benefit the modern Western professional. Leonie brings her understanding of anatomy, breath work, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Philosophy to explain specific benefits of each practice during the session. This includes effective practices to support entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate workers experiencing stress, overwhelm, depression and anxiety; online entrepreneurs, office and desk based workers experiencing body discomfort, back pain and joint issues; and professionals with sedentary lifestyles and related health issues.  The wider benefits of Qigong including energy cultivation, hormone regulation, better sleep, improved concentration, creativity and organ function are also outlined during the session.

The Autumn workshop will focus on the "letting go" energy of the lungs. In Autumn the weather becomes dry, you will learn techniques to moisten the jonts and organs and strengthen your immune system as the weather becomes cooler. 

You will experience a 1 hour and 45 minute practice followed by 15 minutes for tea and treats, including:


  1. Qigong Breathing Exercises - Arriving in your body to harness your Qi

  2. Space for introspection - 'returning home', connecting with your inner truth and those aspects of yourself it is time to let go of

  3.  Fluid 3 Dimensional Movement - Moisturising the whole body, circulating Qi to each cell and organ, while shifting stagnation and shedding those elements that no longer serve you

  4. Intuitive Movement - Free flowing functionally based movement for intentional healing and connection to your creative intuitive centre and deepest truth

  5. Relaxation Meditation - Integration & reflection

  6. Ending with tea and treats - nourish Yin, moisten the lungs and contemplate/ share our experience over a cuppa


frequently asked questions


Q. Isn't Qigong just for old people in the park?

A. Qigong is for EVERYONE, at any age. My teacher started training 6 years old! Many older people practice Qigong because it is an incredibly sustainable and effective way to exercise and stay healthy, while being gentle on the joints. Leonie's classes are targeted at professionals in their 30's and 40's (however all are welcome) - expect dynamic and challenging sequences as well as more gentle relaxing movements.


Q. How can Qigong help reduce physical pain, heal my injuries, regulate my hormones, help my digestive issues, heal my internal organs, help me sleep better, make me look younger, reduce my stress and anxiety AND help me gain clarity and perform better at work? This sounds like 'snake oil' to me!

A. Modern Western medicine often likes to compartmentalise the human body and frequently treats the area of disorder, or the area where disease appears, in isolation to the rest of the body. Whereas Traditional Chinese Medicine tends to have a more wholistic view of the human condition, and sees the root cause of all disease - physical, mental and emotional - as being stagnation - stagnant blood, stagnant energy, stagnation in your life situation and a lack of 'Qi', an imbalance of 'Qi', or an interruption in 'Qi' flowing smoothly. Just think of a stagnant body of water - it is so easy for bacteria, fungus and disease to form.

Qigong offers a systematic way to regulate and cultivate 'Qi', while cleaning out and shifting stagnant blood, oxygen and energy. This has an incredibly efficient and positive effect on ALL aspects of health, wellbeing and the human condition. 


Q. Why Calligraphy Health Qigong? Isn't Calligraphy something to do with writing with a paint brush?

A: Unlike other styles of Yoga and Qigong, Calligraphy Health Qigong works with changing the physiology of the human body by increasing the production of 'Qi' or bio-magnetic energy in body. This is guiding the body’s chemistry through pathways known as 'meridians' to provide healing, health and longevity. Calligraphy Health Qigong works on the three main circulations in the human body (mental, blood and digestive), to produce an overall positive affect on a person’s health. Calligraphy Health Qigong movements are based on a 3 dimensional sphere. This exercises, stretches and cleans the body’s connective tissues and muscles in a much more comprehensive way than traditional static/flowing Qigong and Yoga postures.

Yes, Calligraphy Health Qigong received it's namesake from Asian brush writing. In the same way a Calligraphy artist moves his brush fluidly in one smooth consistent stream of characters, in the same way we practice Calligraphy Health Qigong in a flowing stream of smooth and fluid movement.

Q. What is 'Qi' anyway?

A. 'Qi', pronounced chee, means vitality, life-force or energy and is often translated as "air", "vapour" or "breath". Qi is the vital energy force that permeates the universe, animates a living organism and flows within the human body. Qi is essential for the smooth functioning of internal organ systems. In Yogic traditions this energy is referred to as Chiti, Kundalini and Prana. In. Japanese traditions this energy is called Ki.


Q. I'm not sure I believe in Qi or Traditional Chinese Medicine, will I still get benefit from practicing Qigong?

A. Absolutely! Many people practice Qigong to simply exercise their body and stay fit and healthy in a sustainable way that won't injure their joints. Qigong works for everyone regardless of your interest or beliefs. Your results will largely depend on how frequently you practice and learning  the correct techniques. 

Leonie has spent over 500 'live-in' hours training with her teacher, Energy Specialist - Master Yang, at his home on several occasions and has been awarded twice with the certification to teach Calligraphy Health Systems 1 & 2 and trained in teaching Calligraphy Health Systems 3 & 4. If you have any concerns about your progress, please chat with Leonie to discuss correct technique.


Intrigued? ... 

Click on the video to see Leonie demonstrate some of the more common Calligraphy Health Qigong movements.


Your teacher, Leonie, is driven by the desire to empower professional people to become high energy, confident and successful through movement and the application of ancient Qigong wisdom. Combining the incredibly intelligent and effect Calligraphy Health Qigong system developed by world renound energy specialist, Master Yang, with her background in the corporate world and wellness industry, Leonie seeks to equip her clients with the skills and knowledge to tap into their own inner wisdom and internal energy resources to heal, rebalance, vibe up and thrive.


If you'd like to speak with me privately about this session or if you are interested in one-on-one private classes or Qigong for your workplace, please send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.

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